In The Mood Music Sheet

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• Опубликовано: 13 сен 2012 • Richard’s Arrangements and Personal Works Collection are available here!: Richard Kittelstad plays a piano cover of In The Mood. I do not own the original material. All credit goes to Glen Miller and their members, and their producers. Thank you for watching. I love doing piano covers and creating music.

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Текст песни 'In the Mood' is a song popularized by the American bandleader Glenn Miller in 1939, and one of the best-known arrangements of the big band era. Miller's rendition topped the charts one year later and was featured in the 1941 movie Sun Valley Serenade.

The song is an anomaly to chart purists. 'In The Mood' was released in the period immediately prior to the inception of retail sales charts in Billboard magazine.

While it led the Record Buying Guide (jukebox list) for 13 weeks, it never made the top 15 on the sheet music charts, which were considered by many to be the true measure of popular song success. The popular Your Hit Parade program ranked the song no higher than ninth place, for one week only (1940). ================== Последние ротации Прозвучала 10 раз на 4 станциях Москвы • • • 03:04, 30 июня • • • 01:26, 31 августа • • • 01:26, 31 июля.

In The Mood Music Sheet